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Moose News:

February has arrived, and The Stoney Moose is here to brighten up your day with some deals, doobies and dank delights!   For all you cannabis romantics out there, we have a brand new product hitting the shelves just in time for Valentines Day:  this is just what you need for  setting an intimate mood in the evening hours… introducing Bare-Spray, our new cannabis-infused massage oil!
Also, fresh out of the garden we have two brand new strains of flower: Paradise Nebula and THC bomb, two potent hybrids.  We also have a new batch of an old fav, Danish Garden Kush. Last but certainly not least, a brand new crop of AK-47 testing out at over 22% THC! This stress-relieving sativa hybrid will have you relaxing peacefully at the end of your day.
Finally, we are faithfully keeping our doobie-of-the-day selections at $10 per half gram all week long. The Stoney Moose is here to see your winter through with peace, love and the highest quality cannabis Alaska has to offer.

Winter hours

10AM – 7PM Mon-Sat

10AM – 2PM Sunday

The Stoney Moose loyalty program! As soon you spend $200 you are able to choose from a selection of grams for just $1!

Our Current Strains

  • Bare Spray | Naughty Bits

    Introducing a cannabis infused massage oil and lubricant. Just right for a special night, come in and ask our staff about this intimate elixir.

    SALE! ~ $50 per 50mg bottle

  • Kief

    AK Gold Rush

    THC: 29.72%|CBD: 0%|Total Cannabinoids: 34.79%

    Sativa Hybrid (80/20)

    Effects: Uplifting, Buzzy, Happy, Social

    $30 per gram

    Kenai OG Kush

    THC: 22.74|CBD: 0%|Total Cannabinoids: 26.83


    Effects: Heavy body high, Sedative, Relaxing

    Flavor: Earthy, Spicy

    SALE ~ $25 per gram

  • AK-47 (Danish)

    THC: 22.29% | CBD: .06% | Total Cannabinoids: 26.94%

    Sativa Hybrid

    Effects: Potent and powerful, sends you to space for a relaxing interlude

    Flavor: Herbal, Spicy

    $20 per gram | $60 per 3.5

  • THC Bomb

    THC: 17.09% | CBD: .07% | Total Cannabinoids: 20%

    50/50 Hybrid

    Effects: Slow creep into a heady cerebral high, soul soother

    Flavor: Candied Orange

    $20 per gram | $60 per 3.5

  • Silver Buckeye

    THC: 13.66%|CBD: 0.04%|Total Cannabinoids: 16.41%


    Effects: Cerebral, Euphoric, Focused, Relaxed, Confident

    Flavor: Spicy Mayan Chocolate, Cherry

    SALE! ~ $15 per gram | $50 per 3.5

  • Pink Snowball CBD

    THC: 5.07%|CBD: 7.84%|Total Cannabinoids: 15.00%


    Effects: Soothing, Happy, Balanced, like wrapping your body in a warm blanket with your favorite snuggle buddy

    Flavor: Earthy, Sweet, Fruity

    SALE! ~ $15 per gram | $50 per 3.5

  • Blue Dream

    THC: 11.40%|CBD: 0.04% | Total Cannabinoids: 13.36%

    Effects: Euphoric, Balanced, Muscle Relaxing, Happy

    Flavor: Blueberry, Lemon, Sweet

    SALE ~ $15 per gram | $50 per 3.5g

  • Euphoria CBD

    THC: 4.99%|CBD: 9.99%|Total Cannabinoids: 17.36%

    Indica Hybrid

    Flavor: Sweet, Fruity, Smooth

    Effects: Calming, Peaceful, Social, Stress Relieving

    $20/g | $60 per 3.5

  • AK-47

    THC:14.92% |CBD:.16% |Total Cannabinoids:17.91%

    Sativa Hybrid

    Effects: Peaceful, Creative, Long-lasting, Motivating

    Sour, Earthy, with sweet floral notes when smoked

    $20 per g | $65 per 4g

  • Acapulco Gold

    THC: 15.51%|CBD: 0.04%|Total Cannabinoids: 18.56%


    Effects: Happy, euphoric, uplifted

    Flavor: Earthy, pungent, sweet

    $20/g | $65 per 4g

  • Co2 Dab Oil Syringe

    CO2 Extracted Hash Oil

    THC: 54.97% | CBD: .49% | Total Cannabinoids: 66.84%
    Sativa Hybrid
    Effects: Uplifting, Joyous, Buzzy
    Flavor: Tropical, Mint
    $80 per .5g

    Royal Kush
    Indica Hybrid
    THC: 47.24% | CBD: .69% | Total Cannabinoids: 65.63%
    Effects: Sedated, Relaxed, Hard Hitting, A Royal High
    Flavor: Skunk, Earthy, Pine
    $80 per .5 gram

  • CO2 Dab Oil

    Pure CO2 Extracted Hash Oil:

    Royal Kush
    THC: 52.23%|CBD:.40%|Total Cannabinoids: 69.31%
    Sativa Hybrid
    Effects: Elated, Relaxed, Hard Hitting, A Royal High
    Flavor: Skunk, Earthy, Pine
    $80 per .5g

    Blue Dream
    THC: 51.51%|CBD:.53%|Total Cannabinoids: 70.15%
    Sativa Hybrid
    Effects: Uplifting, Happy, Buzzy
    Flavor: Blueberry, Earthy
    $80 per .5g

    Blue Mystic
    THC: 51.37%|CBD: .43%| Total Cannabinoids: 62.27%
    Indica Hybrid
    Effects: Relaxing, Creative, Like a Bob Marley song
    Flavor: Fruity, Sweet, Earthy
    $80 per .5g

    Sativa Blend
    THC: 57.03% | CBD: .51% | Total Cannabinoid: 69.24%
    Sativa Hybrid (Acapuaco Gold / THC Bomb)
    Effects: Buzzy, Energetic, Cerebral, Happy
    Flavor: Pungent, Earthy
    $80 per .5g

  • Shatter

    Blueberry Muffin
    THC: 72.5% | CBD: .25% | Total Cannabinoids: 82%
    Indica Hybrid
    Effects: Relaxed, Euphoric, Happy, Focused, Hungry
    Flavor: Blueberry, Sweet, Berry
    $60 per .5g | $110 per gram

    Kenai OG Kush 

    THC: 71.41%|CBD: .32%|Total Cannabinoids: 76.03
    Effects: Heavy, Strong, Sedative, Stoney
    Flavor: Earthy, Pine, Woody

    $50 per .5g | $100 per gram 

  • Vape Cartridges

    Blue Mystic
    THC: 51.37%|CBD: .43%| Total Cannabinoids: 62.27%
    Indica Hybrid
    Effects: Relaxing, Creative, Like a Bob Marley song
    Flavor: Fruity, Sweet, Earthy
    $80 per .5g

    Black DOG
    THC: 46.05%|CBD: 50%|Total Cannabinoids: 63.25
    Indica Dominant Hybrid
    Effects: Relaxing, Euphoric, Uplifting
    Flavor: Earthy, Gassy, Floral notes
    $80 per .5g

    Critical Mass
    THC: 73.81%|CBD: .16%|Total Cannabinoids: 80.49%
    Indica Hybrid
    Effects: Calming, Relaxing head and body high
    Flavor: Earth, Berry, Sweet
    $70 per .5g

    Jack The Ripper
    THC: 75.78%|CBD: 0%|Total Cannabinoids: 84.62%
    Sativa Hybrid
    Effects: Buzzy, Cerebral, Energetic while Relaxed, Like a Spaceship Ride
    Flavor: Sweet, Lemon, Berry
    $70 per .5g

    Orange Headband
    THC: 72.2%|CBD: .63%|Total Cannabinoids: 77.73%
    Effects: Cerebral, Stoney
    Flavor: Sweet Citrus, Earthy
    $70 per .5 gram

  • Oil Stick (*Decarboxylated)

    Homer Haze
    THC: 77.19%|CBD: .78%|Total Cannabinoids: 82.18%
    Effects: Uplifting, Energetic, Cerebral
    Flavor: Earthy and sweet, notes of caramel
    $70 per .5 gram Oil Stick

    Loud Cheese
    THC: 74.59%|CBD: .1.19%|Total Cannabinoids: 80.12%
    Effects: Energetic, Uplifting, Calming
    Flavor: Fruity, Sweet, Candy, Pungent
    $70 per .5 Oil Stick

    Northern Berry
    THC: 84.71%|CBD: .17%|Total Cannabinoids: 88.75%
    Indica Hybrid (Northern Lights x Blueberry)
    Effects: Sedative, relaxing, happy and chill
    Flavor: Sweet blueberry meets spicy and earthy
    $70 per .5 Oil Stick

  • Chem Dawg Pre-Roll

    THC: 20.48% | CBD: .05% | Total Cannabinoids: 23.22%

    Sativa Hybrid

    Effects: Creative, Colorful, Buzzy, Psychedelic, Uplifting

    Flavor: Citrus, Mint, Hints of Diesel

    SALE! ~ $10 per .5g preroll

    *Staff pick

  • Homer Haze #4 Preroll

    THC: 16.39% | CBD: 0.05% | Total Cannabinoids: 19%

    Sativa Hybrid

    Effects: Happy, Upbeat, Stoney, a great attitude adjustment

    Flavor: Earthy, Pine, Herbal

    SALE ~ $10 per .5g preroll

  • Critical Plus Pre-Roll

    THC: 17.94% | CBD: .05% | Total Cannabinoids: 18%


    Effects: Balanced, Grounding, Creative, Happy,

    Flavor: Pungent, Earthy, Citrus

    SALE ~ $10 per .5 pre-roll


  • Fruit Salad Preroll

    THC: 25.68%|CBD: .09%|Total Cannabinoids: 29.96%

    Sativa Hybrid

    Effects: A high that covers all the bases. starting out with an uplifting, happy and cerebral buzz and finishing with a slightly sedative and relaxing stoney effect.

    Flavor: Delicious notes of strawberry and tropical fruits, along with an undertone of earthy and herby

  • Tundra Skunk Preroll

    THC: 23%|CBD: 0.06%|Total Cannabinoids: 28.05%

    Indica Hybrid

    Effects: Warm Body Buzz, Upbeat, Soothing

    Flavor: Potent, Earthy, Skunky, Sweet

    $12 per .5 pre-roll

  • M39 Preroll

    THC: 15.55% | CBD: 0.04% | Total Cannabinoids: 18.76%

    Indica Hybrid

    Effects: Relaxed, euphoric, confident

    Flavor: Lemon, earthy, tones of cedar

    $12 per .5g pre-roll

  • HUG Preroll

    THC: 11.2% | CBD: .04% | Total Cannabinoid: 13%

    Indica Hybrid

    Effects: Relaxed, Happy, Mellow

    Flavor: Diesel, Pine, Earthy

    SALE ~ $10 per .5g pre-roll

  • Mango Banana (NANA) Preroll

    THC: 15.40% | CBD: .05 | Total Cannabinoids: 18.1%

    Sativa hybrid

    Effects: Happy, Euphoric, Giggly, Sleepy

    Flavor: Mango, Banana, and Pine

    $12 per .5g pre-roll

  • Arctic Lemon Skunk Preroll

    THC: 20.19%|CBD: 0.05%|Total Cannabiniods: 23.77%

    Flavor: Skunk, Citrus, Earthy

    Effects: Sedative, Stoney, Long Lasting, Sleepy

    Indica Hybrid

    1g pre-roll/$15

  • Purple Mountain Glow Preroll

    THC: 19.73% | CBD: .06% | Total Cannabinoid: 23.09%


    Effects: Chillax, Easygoing, Creative, Giggly

    Flavor: Berry, Earthy

    SALE ~ $12 per 1 gram preroll

  • Cinderella 99 Preroll

    THC: 18.22% | CBD: .05% |Total Cannabinoid: 21.17%

    Sativa Hybrid

    Effects: Uplifted, Happy, Euphoric, Energetic, Relaxed

    Flavor: Minty

    $12 per .5g preroll

  • The Candy Preroll

    THC: 20.9% | CBD: .02% | Total Cannabinoid: 24%

    Sativa Hybrid

    Effects: Euphoric, Smiley, Soothing

    Flavor: Sweet like candy!

    $12 per .5g pre-roll

  • Crinkles

    From MoMo’s Bakery in Anchorage, Crinkles are a holiday classic turned into everyday treat! Five savory molasses cookies to make your mouth water… try them with coffee!

    5mg/serving| 5 servings per package


  • Lemon Dream Cookies

    From MoMo’s Bakery in Anchorage. These are a very tasty and perfect little cookie.

    5mg/serving| 5 servings per package


  • Butterscotch Brownies

    From MoMo’s Bakery in Anchorage. These are exquisite little sweet treats.

    5mg/serving| 5 servings per package


  • Cannachews

    From MoMo’s Bakery in Anchorage. These are AWESOME, and are ready to take home.

    5mg/serving| 5 servings per package


  • Queen Mary Torte

    A chocolate torte fit for a queen!

    5mg/serving | 4 servings per package


  • Edible Grade Fine Cannabis Trim

    Edible Grade Cannabis Trim – PLUS

    THC: 35.04% | CBD: 0.07% | Total Cannabinoids: 41.58%

    $160 per 14g | $300 per ounce

    Edible Grade Cannabis Trim – LIGHT

    THC: 6.50% | CBD: 0.02% | Total Cannabinoids 7.97%

    $70 per 7g | $120 per 14

  • Sherbert Seeds

    Sherbert, also known as “Sherbet,” is an indica dominant hybrid (85% indica/15% sativa) strain created through a super tasty cross of the delicious Pink Panties X Girl Scout Cookies strains. This bud is a sister strain of the beloved Sunset Sherbet and packs a delicious flavor that’s almost like a scoop of sherbet ice cream.

    This Indica-dominant hybrid strain tested at 20% THC, with total cannabinoid well over 23%.

    Packs of 6 seeds from these high THC strains are only $10!

  • Russian Rocket Fuel Seeds

    We have permission to sell some seeds that we acquired from one of our growers.

    This big local favorite is an Indica-dominant hybrid that tested out at 18.20% THC

    Packs of 6 seeds from these high THC strains are only $10!

  • Blue Moon Rocks Seeds

    Blue Moon Rocks by BOG Seeds is an indica-dominant hybrid cross between Blue Moon and BOG Bubble. It has a sweet blueberry lavender aroma and calming full-body effects.

    Packs of 6 seeds from these high THC strains are only $10!

  • The Candy Seeds

    This Indica-dominant hybrid strain tested at 21% THC, with total cannabinoid at 24%.

    Orange Crush x Ice Cream
    Indica Dominant Hybrid

    Packs of 6 seeds from these high THC strains are only $10!

  • Trap Star Seeds

    This Indica-dominant hybrid strain tested at 19.20% THC, with total cannabinoid well over 20%.

    Packs of 6 seeds from these high THC strains are only $10!

Cannabis Dispensary

The Stoney Moose Cannabis Dispensary is open! Our friendly, state certified, easy-going staff is ready to help you make a great choice for the product you want. Our goal is to help you have a great experience with cannabis of the best quality. Stop in, say hi, and find out what we’re all about. Can’t wait to see you!

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  • Marijuana has intoxicating effects and may be habit forming and addictive.
  • Marijuana impairs concentration, coordination, and judgment. Do not operate a vehicle or machinery under its influence.
  • There are health risks associated with consumption of marijuana.
  • For use only by adults twenty-one and older. Keep out of reach of children.
  • Marijuana should not be used by women who are pregnant or breast-feeding.

Surrounded by picturesque rainforest, we are located in the historic Creek Street area of Ketchikan, we chose our venue based on the rugged, colorful history of the area; Creek Street was once known as Ketchikan’s “red-light” district in the early 1900s. Our cannabis dispensary will continue that historical feel of the early 1900s Ketchikan, complete with a speak-easy interior design.

The Stoney Moose Cannabis Dispensary:
127 Steadman St.

Our cannabis dispensary is located in downtown Ketchikan, only a two minute walk from the cruise ship docks. At an easily walkable distance, all visitors will find our location accessible. contains information intended for adults over 21 years old. Please verify that you are over 21 years old.