• Black DOG

    THC: 20%|CBD: 0.06%|Total Cannabinoids: 24.43%

    Indica Dominant Hybrid

    Effects: Relaxing, Euphoric, Therapeutic, Sleepy

    Flavor: Earthy, Pungent, notes of Floral

    *Top Shelf
    $23 per gram | $70 per 3.5g

  • Bare Spray | Naughty Bits

    Introducing a cannabis infused massage oil and lubricant. Just right for a special night, come in and ask our staff about this intimate elixir.

    50mg of THC per bottle | $55 per bottle

  • 1/2 gram Vape Cartridges

    Abula Rising (Midnight Sun)
    Sativa Hybrid
    THC: 59.31% | CBD: .28% | Total Cannabinoids: 64.13%
    Effects: Creative, Stoney, Euphoric
    Flavor: Strawberry, Sweet, Pungent
    SALE ~ Co2 extract: $60 per .5g cartridge

    Ringo Relax (Midnight Sun)
    THC: 62.63% | CBD: .26% | Total Cannabinoids: 72.92%
    Indica Hybrid
    Effects: Stoney, Calming, Happy
    Flavor: Pungent, Cheesy, Sweet
    SALE ~ Co2 extract: $60 per .5g cartridge

    Kimbo Kush (Frog Mountain)
    THC: 60.29% | CBD: .28 | Total Cannabinoids: 71.67%
    Effects: Calming, Sedative, Happy, Chill
    Flavor: Earthy, Cedar, Sweet
    CO2 Extraction: $75 per 1/2 gram cartridge

    Oaxacan Querkle (High CBG) (Top Hat Concentrates)
    THC: 50.14% | CBD: .42% | Total Cannabinoids: 68.38%
    Effects: Pleasant Body Buzz Accompanied by a Decedent Head High, The Stress Just Melts Away…
    Flavor: Sweet, Earthy, Berry
    CO2 Extraction: $75 per 1/2 gram cartridge

    Purple Trainwreck CBD (Top Hat Concentrates)
    THC: 39.26% | CBD: 22.23% | Total Cannabinoids: 70.69%
    Indica Hybrid
    Effects: Soothing, Calming, All Is Groovy…
    Flavor: Berry
    CO2 Extraction: $75 per 1/2 gram cartridge

    Agent Walker’s Hellfire OG (Frog Mountain)
    THC: 74.76% | CBD: .35% | Total Cannabinoids: 87.21%
    Indica Hybrid
    Effects: Heavy Hitting, Sedative, Stress-relieving
    Flavor: Earthy, Pine
    CO2 Extraction: $75 per 1/2 gram cartridge

    Vanilla Kush (Frog Mountain)
    THC: 67.8% | CBD: .26% | Total Cannabinoids: 78.56%
    Indica Hybrid
    Effects: Body Buzz, Relaxing, Calming
    Flavor: Sweet, with a hint of Vanilla
    CO2 Extraction: $75 per 1/2 gram cartridge

    D-MTF-Fluff (Frog Mountain)
    THC: 68.17% | CBD: 2.69% | Total Cannabinoids:
    Sativa Hybrid
    Effects: Happy, Buzzy, Uplifting
    Flavor: Pungent, Earthy
    CO2 Extraction: $75 per 1/2 gram cartridge

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